Wing Bass NT-5 (#1190) – IN STOCK!
Wing Bass NT-5 (#1190) – IN STOCK!

This beauty was a special spec from Kevin Walker (Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, many others). We are building him another one so this became available. It’s essentially our NT model with a 21-3/4″ scale that puts more space between the frets and provide a more articulate tone.

You can have this shipped tomorrow!


  • Wing Bass 5-string
  • 21-3/4″ scale
  • One-piece maple neck-through design
  • Black Limba Body Wings
  • Curly Maple top, dyed black
  • Dyed Maple fretboard after the 12th fret
  • Built-In EHX Nano POG
  • 19mm Spacing at the Bridge

It sounds great and plays like a dream. Due to its special size, It will come with a full-sized guitar gig bag, or a newly designed Wing Instruments gig bag where the top will stick out a little bit (see photos).

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