Ven Thangaraj (First Bourne, Aces High, Hostilian)

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Ven Thangaraj is an award winning American musician best known as the bass player for the modern heavy metal ensemble “FirstBourne”. Ven began playing professionally with Kerr as Kerr’s bass player for his “The Mike Kerr Group” project in which … Read More

Donald Waugh (Solo Artist)

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Donald was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, and started playing the piano at the age of 7 with encouragement from his parents. When he was 17 years old, he found his brother-in-law’s bass guitar and by the next morning … Read More

Derrick Ogden (Iowa, USA)

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Derrick Ogden is a bassist and solo artist in the Des Moines, Iowa area. He plays for the bands: Aries Rising, Agents of Venus and Dr. Doolittle     I’ve searched for years to find a compact bass for travel, … Read More

Jay Lamm (Louisiana, USA)

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Jay Lamm recently shared… I’m excited to be bring my Wing Bass with me on my trip to IMERSA. I can finally travel with just two bags, no checked luggage, and can still bring a bass to play. Fits nicely … Read More

Luis Cheul (Chile)

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Luis Cheul is a bass player, music educator and author from Chile who invented the concept of a bass “less than 60 cm in length” to satisfy his yearning to have an instrument accessible at all times while he traveled … Read More

William Battline (Florida, USA)

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Bill just received his Wing Bass and has already arranged “Chariots of Fire” on his new instrument. “I love exploring, writing and playing music. This instrument has opened up new possibilities to expand and challenge me. To quote David Bowie … Read More

Stew McKinsey (California, USA)

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Stew McKinsey is a very prominent extended-range bassist based in California. Hi Andy, I injured my left arm and have not been able to play bass for about 4 months now, so you can imagine how nuts I was getting. Until … Read More

John Dorado (Ohio, USA)

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John wrote to us after receiving his Wing Bass… I wanted to let you know the Wing Bass arrived safe and sound yesterday. All I can say is awesome. I am very very happy with the instrument. The workmanship is … Read More

Robert Hilliard (New York, USA)

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Robert is a bassist, composer and producer in New York City. After about a week with his new Wing Bass we asked him how he liked it…   I love it! I haven’t explored all the possible angles (like using … Read More

Wing Bass Trailer

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Our good friend Adrian Bailey took the time to record this incredible video while hiking in Japan. The backing track was created using his fretless Wing Bass in multiple layers. Enjoy!

Adrian Bailey (Japan)

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UPDATE!!! Congratulations to Adrian on the birth of his daughter Sasha Leigh, born September 29, 2015! Adrian still had the time to record his Wing Bass with a couple of octave pedals and chorus… use headphones!   Technically it’s not a … Read More